Maryam Yarandi

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Recent developments in semantic web technologies heightened the need for online adaptive learning environment. Adaptive learning is an important research topic in the field of web-based systems as there are no fixed learning paths which are appropriate for all learners. However, most studies in this field have only focused on learning styles and habits of(More)
The rapid advancements in e-Learning technology enable each learner to have his/her own learning process based on his/her characteristics - this is called personalisation. Furthermore, recent developments in the field of semantic modelling have led to a renewed attention with focus on ontology-based e-learning systems. This paper describes learners' model(More)
—The significance of personalization towards learners' needs has recently been agreed by all web-based instructional researchers. This study presents a novel ontol-ogy semantic-based approach to design an e-learning Decision Support System (DSS) which includes major adaptive features. The ontologically modelled learner, learning domain and content are(More)
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