Maryam Vahidi

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INTRODUCTION Nursing care is considered as an essential component of health services. Patients' health improvement depends upon the quality of nursing care. As an important principle, perceptions of nurses as well as their active participation in decision-makings has an important role in the quality of services. This study aimed to determine the percep-tion(More)
Introduction Professional identity development is one of the fundamental concerns of nursing education.1 It has become one of the most important challenges in nursing education and providing nursing services due to the attempts to prepare nurses for professional roles in a changing healthcare environ ment.2 The university and students are at the core of(More)
BACKGROUND Stigma is one of the obstacles in the treatment and regaining the mental health of people with mental illness. The aim was determination of mental illness stigma among nurses in psychiatric wards. This study was conducted in psychiatric wards of teaching hospitals in Tabriz, Urmia, and Ardabil in the north-west of Iran. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to determine factors associated with caregiver burden among primary caregivers of women with breast cancer in Iran. METHODS This was a descriptive correlation study conducted in 2012 on 150 main caregivers of patients with breast cancer who came to the oncology clinic of Shahid Ghazi hospital in Tabriz, Iran. A questionnaire which(More)
PURPOSE Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide and the leading cause of cancer death among women. In Asian countries such as Iran, the incidence of breast cancer is increasing. The present study aimed to assess the risk factors for breast cancer of women in Tabriz, Iran. METHODS A hospital-based case-control study was undertaken to(More)
Emotional intelligence skills help nurses to cope with the emotional demands of healthcare environment. The aim of this study was to identify the relationship between emotional intelligence and perception of job performance among nurses. Using a correlational descriptive design with stratified random sampling, 338 registered nurses from teaching hospitals(More)
Seclusion is one of the methods in controlling violent behavior of inpatients in psychiatric wards. In current descriptive analytic study, data collection instrument included the seclusion list of inpatients by considering individual, social and clinical characteristics in one of the psychiatry wards In the Razi teaching hospital of Tabriz in the first six(More)
BACKGROUND Many articles have studied workplace incivility and its influence on outcomes, but very few have been conducted to assess how to prevent this issue. In this study, we aimed to determine how to prevent workplace incivility from the nurses' perspective. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was a qualitative study which was based on a conventional content(More)
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