Maryam Shekarrizfard

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In two earlier case-control studies conducted in Montreal, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a marker for traffic-related air pollution was found to be associated with the incidence of postmenopausal breast cancer and prostate cancer. These studies relied on a land use regression model (LUR) for NO2 that is commonly used in epidemiologic studies for deriving(More)
This study investigates the variability in near-road concentrations of ultra-fine particles (UFP). Our results are based on a mobile data collection campaign conducted in 2012 in Montreal, Canada using instrumented bicycles and covering approximately 475 km of unique roadways. The spatial extent of the data collected included a diverse array of roads and(More)
Exposure models are needed to evaluate the chronic health effects of ambient ultrafine particles (<0.1 μm) (UFPs). We developed a land use regression model for ambient UFPs in Toronto, Canada using mobile monitoring data collected during summer/winter 2010-2011. In total, 405 road segments were included in the analysis. The final model explained 67% of the(More)
BACKGROUND There is scant information as to whether traffic-related air pollution is associated with the incidence of breast cancer. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ultrafine particles (UFPs, <0.1µm), are two pollutants that capture intra-urban variations in traffic-related air pollution and may also be associated with incidence. METHODS We conducted a(More)
Air pollution in metropolitan areas is mainly caused by traffic emissions. This study presents the development of a model chain consisting of a transportation model, an emissions model, and atmospheric dispersion model, applied to dynamically evaluate individuals' exposure to air pollution by intersecting daily trajectories of individuals and hourly spatial(More)
BACKGROUND Diesel exhaust contains large numbers of ultrafine particles (UFPs, <0.1µm) and is a recognized human carcinogen. However, epidemiological studies have yet to evaluate the relationship between UFPs and cancer incidence. METHODS We conducted a case-control study of UFPs and incident prostate cancer in Montreal, Canada. Cases were identified from(More)
INTRODUCTION In this paper, a novel method in the estimation and prediction of PM(10) is introduced using wavelet transform-based artificial neural networks (WT-ANN). DISCUSSION First, the application of wavelet transform, selected for its temporal shift properties and multiresolution analysis characteristics enabling it to reduce disturbing perturbations(More)
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