Maryam Sharifi Rad

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Feature selection is one of the most important techniques for data preprocessing in classification problems. In this paper, fuzzy grids–based association rules mining, as an effective data mining technique, is used for feature selection in misuse detection application in computer networks. The main idea of this algorithm is to find the relationships between(More)
Intrusion Detection System (IDS) deals with a very large amount of data that includes redundant and irrelevant features. Therefore, feature selection is a necessary data pre-processing step to design IDSs that are lightweight. In this paper, a novel feature selection method based on data mining techniques is proposed, which uses fuzzy association rules to(More)
— Using the fuzzy logic for sampling may be a suitable method for data preprocessing and it improves the efficiency of intrusion detection system. This paper has shown how to use a method based on fuzzy clustering, the training samples will be clustered and separated the inappropriate data from the clusters. Accordingly, the remaining samples are supposed(More)
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