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In this demonstration a human user interacts with a virtual humanoid character in real-time. Our goal is to create a character that is perceived as imbued with a distinct personality while responding dynamically to inputs from the environment [4] [1]. A hybrid model that comprises continuous and discrete components, firstly, drives the logical behavior of(More)
The advent and development of the Internet has changed students' pattern of information seeking behaviors. That is also the case in Iran. The current research was carried out by interviewing with and observing of 20 intermediate girl students to assess their information seeking behavior on the web environment through a qualitative approach. Findings(More)
Human culture is uniquely cumulative and open-ended. Using a computational model of cultural evolution in which neural network based agents evolve ideas for actions through invention and imitation, we tested the hypothesis that this is due to the capacity for recursive recall. We compared runs in which agents were limited to single-step actions to runs in(More)
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