Maryam Rastegar

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We provide new insights that link compensation structure terms to credit spreads by modeling the dynamic risk choice of a risk-averse manager paid with performance insensitive pay (cash) and performance sensitive pay (stock). The model predicts that credit spreads are increasing in the ratio of cash-to-stock. When the manager is flexible to choose debt(More)
Turnip yellows virus (TuYV), a phloem-limited virus, encodes a 74kDa protein known as the readthrough protein (RT) involved in virus movement. We show here that a TuYV mutant deleted of the C-terminal part of the RT protein (TuYV-∆RTCter) was affected in long-distance trafficking in a host-specific manner. By using the C-terminal domain of the RT protein as(More)
With the increasing availability of aphid genomic data, it is necessary to develop robust functional validation methods to evaluate the role of specific aphid genes. This work represents the first study in which five different techniques, all based on RNA interference and on oral acquisition of double-stranded RNA (dsRNA), were developed to silence two(More)
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