Maryam Piroozmand

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Several contemporary commercial search engines and meta-search engines attempt to produce more relevant results for a particular query intelligently. In this paper, a novel meta-search engine, named as WebFusion, has been introduced. This meta-search engine learns the expertness of each underlying search engine in a certain category based on the users'(More)
The problem of ranking is a crucial task in the web information retrieval systems. The dynamic nature of information resources as well as the continuous changes in the information demands of the users has made it very difficult to provide effective methods for data mining and document ranking. Regarding these challenges, in this paper an adaptive ranking(More)
Containing enormous amounts of various types of data, web has become the main source for finding the desired information. Meanwhile retrieving the desired information in such a vast heterogeneous environment is much difficult. This situation has led to a drastic increase in the popularity of internet search engines. Undoubtedly, designing both efficient and(More)
Although there are numerous search engines in the Web environment, no one could claim producing reliable results in all conditions. This problem is becoming more serious considering the exponential growth of the number of Web resources. In the response to these challenges, the meta-search engines are introduced to enhance the search process by devoting some(More)
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