Maryam Mohammadzadeh Rezaei

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Membrane sealing effects of polymersomes made of tri-block copolymer, PEG-co-FA/SC-co-PEG, (PFSP) were studied on isolated spinal cord strips, PC12 cell lines and artificial bilayer following mechanical impact implemented by aneurism clip, sonication and electric shock, respectively. The homogeneity and size of PFSP, membrane permeability and cell viability(More)
To confirm the ethno-therapeutic claims that have been made for Pistacia khinjuk, wound-healing activity and antioxidant activity were studied to understand the mechanism of healing wounds by the 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) method, phenol content, total flavonoid content, and total antioxidant capacity. Antibacterial activity of the methanolic(More)
Precise localization of the third molars in relation to the inferior alveolar nerve canal is critical from a clinical point of view and strongly affects the surgical treatment outcome. Recently, by using threedimensional modeling software, the relationship of third molar root apices and inferior alveolar nerve canal can be better understood. In this study,(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular deoxyribonucleic acid markers are one of the most important tools in molecular biology labs. The size of DNA molecule is determined by comparing them with known bands of markers during gel electrophoresis. In this study, we have suggested an efficient strategy to produce molecular weight markers in an industrial scale. MATERIALS AND(More)
Introduction: Ghrelin and Orexin A exert inhibitory effects on gonadotropins secretion. Aromatase is a key enzyme in the steroidogenesis pathway which converts testosterone to the estradiol. Treatment of neonatal female rats with testosterone propionate (TP) alters gonadotropin secretion patterns in the adulthood. In the present study the effects of central(More)
Zinc is essential micronutrients for proteins production in plants; also zinc is main composition of ribosome and is essential for their development. Zinc is active element in biochemical processes and has a chemical and biological interaction with some other elements. Phosphorus is the most important element which interferes on zinc uptake by plants.(More)
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