Maryam M. Maleki

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Scripting has become an integral part of design work in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), especially with parametric systems. Designers who script face a very steep learning and use curve due to the new (to them) script notation and the loss of direct manipulation of the model. Programming In the Model (PIM) is a prototype parametric CAD system with a live(More)
Although the Discrete EVent System specification (DEVS) has over recent decades provided systems engineers with a scalable approach to modeling and simulation, the formalism has seen little uptake in many other disciplines where it could be equally useful. Our observations of end-user programmers confronted with DEVS theory or software suggest that learning(More)
Programming in the model locates programming elements and tasks contiguous with computer aided design (CAD) models. It aims to reduce the separation between acts of programming, modeling and design, using both spatial coincidence to reduce task shifting and common CAD techniques to simplify the expression of code. Using techniques from visual programming,(More)
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