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INTRODUCTION The occurrence of cubital tunnel syndrome during heterotopic ossification is infrequent. Entrapment of the nerve requires early decompression whereas definitive elbow release is often delayed to reduce the risk of recurrence of periarticular ossification. The pathophysiology and treatment of these two conditions are discussed. METHOD The(More)
VANETs are networks that rely on their own vehicles to provide accident prevention systems and entertainment for passengers of vehicles. Such networks have clear distinguishing features such as restricted mobility and high velocity of nodes. In this paper, the reliability of MAODV is analyzed, a well known protocol that builds trees on demand to connect(More)
The authors report the case of a 23 year old patient, who presented the following combination of injuries after a fall, namely a divergent dislocation of the elbow, a fracture of the radial head, a fracture of the ulna and a perilunate dislocation with scaphoid fracture. The entire injury thus represented a bipolar dislocation of the forearm. The emergency(More)
This is an environmentally friendly method in the field of electroorganic reactions under controlled potential electrolysis, without toxic reagents at a carbon electrode in an undivided cell which involves the (EC) mechanism reaction and comprises two steps alternatively; (i) electrochemical oxidation and (ii) chemical reaction. In particular, the(More)
The amputation of the finger complicating an ophidian bite is rare. It is due to virulence of the venom, its concentration in a small volume of tissue and use of a tourniquet. Support of the victim seeks to save his life and function of his(her) hand. Antivenin immunotherapy is the only specific treatment for ophidian envenimation. It is indicated in case(More)
We report a case of aseptic necrosis of the femoral head in a 14-year-old black adolescent with thalassemia minor disclosed by physical examination and blood tests. No other anomaly could be identified. Despite the very probably secondary nature of the aseptic osteonecrosis of the femoral head and the absence of any other etiology, it is highly difficult to(More)
Schwannoma is a tumor that develops from nerve sheath. The authors report an original observation of a giant schwannoma developed in the arm depending on the musculocutaneous nerve. The diagnosis was based on MRI appearance. Confirmation of the diagnosis was made by histological examination. Surgical treatment was resection, taking care preserving adjacent(More)
Novel fluorescent molecules were synthesized by designing an environmentally friendly method involving the bulk electrolysis technique. This electrochemical treatment process helps protect the environment by minimizing the toxic waste component of effluent. The electrochemical oxidation of 3,6-dihydroxybenzene-1,2-dinitrile (DBD) in the presence of(More)
Neglected elbow dislocation is a rare injury but is still frequent in our country. Authors report 12 cases of neglected elbow dislocation with stiffness in extension. All patients were treated by open reduction using a posterior approach and plasty of tricipital tendon. Authors describe the interest of the posterior approach for treatment of neglected elbow(More)