Maryam Khanian Najafabadi

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User profiles in collaborative filtering (CF) recommendation technique are built based on ratings given by users on a set of items. The most eminent shortcoming of the CF technique is the sparsity problem. This problem refers to the low ratio of rated items by users to the total number of available items; hence the quality of recommendation will be(More)
Testability modeling has been performed for many years. Unfortunately, the modeling of a design for testability is often performed after the design is complete. This limits the functional use of the testability model to determining what level of test coverage is available in the design. This information may be useful to help assess whether a product meets a(More)
Evaluation is used in many models, across many different disciplines. It is also used for many different purposes. For models used in model-based testing, the evaluation of their testability is an important issue. The United Model Language (UML) has been applied in various areas and disciplines. Among UML, the class diagram is an important descriptive means(More)
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