Maryam Kazerooni

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The growing concern about CO<sub>2</sub> emissions and dependency on gasoline contributes to the increasing application of electric vehicles (EVs). EV battery chargers are non-linear loads and large-scale scale application of EVs increases the grid harmonics significantly. The grid harmonics have negative impacts on the components of the power system(More)
The main contribution of this paper is to design a more accurate optimal/suboptimal fault tolerant state estimator. Federated filters compose of a set of local filters and a master filter, the local filters work in parallel and their solutions are periodically fused by the master filter yielding a global solution. Federated ensemble Kalman filter no reset(More)
In this paper, a distributed ensemble Kalman filter (DEnKF) is proposed for sensor fusion in a sensor network. To solve data fusion problem in distributed sensor network, consensus filter is implemented. To estimates nodes' states, each node uses local and neighbors' information rather than the information from all nodes in the network. So, due to this(More)
In this paper, a speaker verification system is implemented in a text-independent procedure. The methods employed for implementation include the Gaussian mixture models, support vector machine and linear/series combinations of Gaussian mixture model and support vector machine. In the series combination of the two classifiers, GMM is the base model while SVM(More)
Distributed controllers have a ubiquitous presence in the electric power grid and play a prominent role in its daily operation. The failure or malfunction of distributed controllers is a serious threat whose mechanisms and consequences are not currently well understood and planned against. For example, if certain controllers are maliciously compromised by(More)
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