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This paper shows the application of Petri net based supervisory control reconfiguration techniques in project planning and control. Given a project set of tasks and their resource information, we first construct a Petri net supervisory controller that enforces the project task precedence relationships and resource constraints. We then show how the actual(More)
In this paper we extend the Petri net based scheduling model that was previously introduced (2007). The integer programming (IP) model of the scheduling problem stated previously may yield an optimal solution that is not an implementable (feasible) schedule. In this situation other alternate optimal solutions of the IP model, if any, must be generated and(More)
Patients' waiting times in healthcare services are often long and unacceptable, and place great stress on clinic staff. This paper describes the development and use of a detailed simulation model of an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) outpatient clinic at the University of Illinois Medical Center. Arena simulation software combined with Arena Visual Basic for(More)
This paper considers the schedule reconfiguration of multi - mode resource - constrained projects. Before a project starts, we assume that an optimal schedule of the project is obtained under the objective of minimizing the resource usage and hiring costs. This initial schedule serves as a baseline for the execution of the project. However during the(More)
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