Maryam Fatemi

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—For solving the nonlinear filtering problem, much attention has been paid to filters based on the Linear Minimum Mean Square Error (LMMSE) estimation. Accordingly, less attention has been paid to MAP estimation techniques in this field. We argue that, given the superior performance of the latter in certain situations, they deserve to be more carefully(More)
—This paper describes an algorithm for estimating the road ahead of a host vehicle based on the measurements from several onboard sensors: a camera, a radar, wheel speed sensors, and an inertial measurement unit. We propose a novel road model that is able to describe the road ahead with higher accuracy than the usual polynomial model. We also develop a(More)
—This paper presents a Poisson multi-Bernoulli mixture (PMBM) conjugate prior for multiple extended object estimation. A Poisson point process is used to describe the existence of yet undetected targets, while a multi-Bernoulli mixture describes the distribution of the targets that have been detected. The prediction and update equations are presented for(More)
What I want does exist if I dare to find it. Abstract Environment perception is an important aspect of modern automated systems. The perception consists of fusing information from different sensors to estimate variables which provide a description of the scene. The main contributions of this thesis are in multiple object tracking and mapping, and nonlinear(More)