Maryam Farhadian

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BACKGROUND One of the methods used in the analysis of data related to diseases, and their underlying reasons is drawing geographical map. Mapping diseases is a valuable tool to determine the regions of high rate of infliction requiring therapeutic interventions. The objective of this study was to investigate obesity pattern in Iran by drawing geographical(More)
PURPOSE Prediction of hearing loss in noisy workplaces is considered to be an important aspect of hearing conservation program. Artificial intelligence, as a new approach, can be used to predict the complex phenomenon such as hearing loss. Using artificial neural networks, this study aims to present an empirical model for the prediction of the hearing loss(More)
BACKGROUND An important aspect of microarray studies includes the prediction of patient survival based on their gene expression profile. To deal with the high dimensionality of this data, use of a dimension reduction procedure along with the survival prediction model is necessary. This study aimed to present a new method based on wavelet transform for(More)
INTRODUCTION This in vitro study aimed to assess the effectiveness of a single-file rotary system (OneShape) in reduction of intracanal bacteria. METHODS AND MATERIALS Eighty one single-rooted mandibular first premolars with single canals were used. Six samples were selected as aseptic control group. Seventy five remaining specimens were infected by(More)
STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teeth (SHEDs) are a population of highly proliferative cells, being capable of differentiating into osteogenic, odontogenic, adipocytes, and neural cells. Vitamin D3 metabolites such as 1α, 25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 are key factors in the regulation of bone metabolism. PURPOSE The aim of(More)
BACKGROUND Kidney transplantation is the best alternative treatment for end-stage renal disease. Several studies have been devoted to investigate predisposing factors of graft rejection. However, there is inconsistency between the results. The objective of the present study was to utilize an intuitive and robust approach for variable selection, random(More)
INTRODUCTION This in vitro study compared the apical sealing ability of three common root end filling materials namely mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA), intermediate restorative material (IRM) and calcium-enriched mixture (CEM) cement using a bacterial leakage model. METHODS AND MATERIALS The study was conducted on 83 single-rooted human teeth. Tooth(More)
BACKGROUND Prediction models are used in a variety of medical domains, and they are frequently built from experience which constitutes data acquired from actual cases. This study aimed to analyze the potential of artificial neural networks and logistic regression techniques for estimation of hearing impairment among industrial workers. MATERIALS AND(More)
Microarray technology allows simultaneous measurements of expression levels for thousands of genes. An important aspect of microarray studies includes the prediction of patient survival based on their gene expression profile. This naturally calls for the use of a dimension reduction procedure together with the survival prediction model. In this study, a new(More)
OBJECTIVES Classification of breast cancer patients into different risk classes is very important in clinical applications. It is estimated that the advent of high-dimensional gene expression data could improve patient classification. In this study, a new method for transforming the high-dimensional gene expression data in a low-dimensional space based on(More)