Maryam Fallahpour

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Subtle changes in either breathing pattern or cardiac pulse rate alter blood oxygen level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging signal (BOLD fMRI). This is problematic because such fluctuations could possibly not be related to underlying neuronal activations of interest but instead the source of physiological noise. Several methods have been(More)
The purpose of devising a hybrid FSO/RF (Free Space Optics/Radio Frequency) system is to allow for reconfiguration, which enables an increased availability and reliability grade of the communication system. In the event of loss of an active FSO link, path reconfiguration ensures utilization of the FSO path queued next in priority. Thus, communication can be(More)
Hybrid Free Space Optics (FSO)/Radio Frequency (RF) communication systems have emerged as a way to improve network performance by providing enhanced availability and reliability. In an effort to mitigate individual drawbacks in the optical link during adverse weather conditions, network traffic flows simultaneously between channels. Based on the Shannon–(More)
In this paper, we design a neurofuzzy controller to control several variables of a rotary cement kilns. The variables are back-end temperature, pre-heater temperature, oxygen content and CO2 gas content of the kiln. The fuzzy control system, as an advanced control option for the kilns, is intended to minimize the operator interaction in the control process.(More)
Optical wireless networks often require more than one transmitter to maintain consistent connection with a single receiver. Accordingly, an efficient control mechanism is required to address challenges associated with multiple access to the receiver. This paper proposes a receiver access control (RAC) mechanism for optical wireless mesh networks that(More)
The performance of Free Space Optical (FSO) links is severely influenced by misalignment of optical nodes. Pointing errors and misalignment can be caused as a result of unintentional optical heads sway induced by external sources. Misalignment can be also considered intentionally under some cases, e.g. mobile FSO, to establish optical connections while(More)
Coping with complex demands in time-effective manner, supervising a fast growing market and considering performance analysis are all essential steps in opening the national telecommunications market. Therefore, national governments are establishing a formal national Type Approval (TA) system as the basis and frame for accomplishing these goals. In this(More)
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