Maryam Etminan

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New calculations of the radiative forcing (RF) are presented for the three main well‐mixed greenhouse gases, methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide. Methane’s RF is particularly impacted because of the inclusion of the shortwave forcing; the 1750–2011 RF is about 25% higher (increasing from 0.48Wm to 0.61Wm) compared to the value in the(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce concepts that may assist pharmacists in the use and application of scientific evidence in clinical practice. These concepts are followed by examples of clinical trials as well as case scenarios that guide the reader through solving clinical problems using the tools discussed in the article. BACKGROUND The introduction of(More)
CFC-113a (CF3CCl3), CFC-112 (CFCl2CFCl2) and HCFC-133a (CF3CH2Cl) are three newly detected molecules in the atmosphere that are almost certainly emitted as a result of human activity. It is important to characterise the possible contribution of these gases to radiative forcing of climate change and also to provide information on the CO2-equivalence of their(More)
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