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We have developed a new enzyme immunometric assay for angiotensin II (AII) based on SPIE-IA technology (solid-phase immobilized epitope-immunoassay). A monoclonal antibody with optimal properties (mAb3 131) was selected from a series of 19 anti-AII mAbs. The mAb had to be purified from ascitic fluid in a specific manner in order to remove endogenous AII(More)
A sandwich-type enzyme immunoassay has been developed for measuring human big endothelin-1 (big ET-1) in human plasma and supernatant fluids from human cell cultures. Big ET-1 is the precursor of endothelin 1 (ET-1), the most potent vasoconstrictor known. A rabbit antibody raised against the big ET-1 COOH-terminus fragment was used as an immobilized(More)
Among many conventional techniques, nuclear techniques have shown to be faster, more reliable, and more effective in detecting explosives. In the present work, neutrons from a 5 Ci Am-Be neutron source being in water tank are captured by elements of soil and landmine (TNT), namely (14)N, H, C, and O. The prompt capture gamma-ray spectrum taken by a NaI (Tl)(More)
This study aimed to isolate and evaluate the cellulase activity of cellulolytic bacteria in hot springs of Dehloran, Ilam province, Iran. Water and sludge samples were collected from the hot springs and the bacterial enrichment was performed in a medium containing rice barn and carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). The cultures were incubated at 50 °C in aerobic(More)
Despite advances in anticancer drug development and discovery, the survival of patients is so poor. A deep need for discovery of novel anticancer drugs is among priority issues in medicinal chemistry now. A new series of 1,2,4-triazole derivatives were designed and synthesized by means of bioisosteric replacement. In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation was(More)
A high number of HIV positive babies are born each year, whereas by highly effective preventive measures, the risk of mother-to-child transmission can be decreased significantly. There are different methods (for example mandatory versus voluntary) for HIV screening in pregnant women, but there are debates on conducting HIV testing by these methods. One of(More)
To compare the pregnancy outcomes between four regimens of luteal phase support (LPS), including vaginal progesterone, oral dydrogesterone, combination of oral dydrogesterone and gonadotropin releasing hormone analog (GnRH-α), and combination of oral dydrogesterone and human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), in Frozen-thawed Embryo Transfer (FET) cycles. This(More)
OBJECTIVE Liver is an important organ that is exposed to many oxidant and carcinogenic agents, thus antioxidant compounds are beneficial for liver health. Artemisia contains flavonoid compounds and anti-diabetic, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to possessing terpene and sesquiterpene compounds, this plant has antioxidant properties. This(More)
The objective of this study is to measure the Compton profile of a titanium coating on a glass substrate, comparing it with a profile computed by the Hillman and Skilman program based on the Hartree-Fock model. The experimental Compton profile was obtained using 661.7keV gamma-rays from a (1)Ci (137)Cs source and a 3''x3'' NaI(Tl) detector. The(More)
OBJECTIVES A reduction in bond strength of composite to bleached enamel has been reported immediately after bleaching treatment. Application of some antioxidant agents may decrease the adverse effects of whitening agents on bond strength and enhance composite bond to enamel. This study aimed to assess the effect of green tea, sodium ascorbate, sage and(More)