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Blasting operation is widely used method for rock excavation in mining and civil works. Ground vibration and air-overpressure (AOp) are two of the most detrimental effects induced by blasting. So, evaluation and prediction of ground vibration and AOp are essential. This paper presents a new combination of artificial neural network (ANN) and K-nearest(More)
Cloud gaming is an emerging service that has recently started to garner prominence in the gaming industry. Since the significant part of computational processing, including game rendering and video compression, is performed in data centers, controlling the transfer of information within the cloud has an important impact on the quality of cloud gaming(More)
Cloud based video games bring new opportunities to the gaming industry, and enable end-users to play high-end graphic games on any low-end device without high performance hardware requirements. As the major computational parts of game processing, including user's input processing, rendering and encoding the game scene, and video streaming are performed in(More)
Drilling and blasting is the predominant rock excavation method in mining and tunneling projects. Back-break (BB) is one of the most undesirable by-products of blasting and causing rock mine wall instability, increasing blasting cost as well as decreasing performance of the blasting. In this research work, a practical new hybrid model to predict the(More)
with the growth of Internet traffic and using Gb/s or 10 Gb/s links in backbone, the speed of forwarding packets in intermediate devices is crucial. Routers must be able to forward millions of packets per second on each of their interfaces. Finding a method that can speed up the IP lookup is one of the challenges in network research. There are two(More)
Gaming on demand is an emerging service that has recently started to garner prominence in the gaming industry. Cloud-based video games provide affordable, flexible, and high-performance solutions for end-users with constrained computing resources and enables them to play high-end graphic games on low-end thin clients. Despite its advantages, cloud gaming's(More)
Application of bio fertilizers, especially nitrogen fertilizer as bacteria combined with the consumption of chemical fertilizers, is one of some charachteristics the important strategy for sustainable management of farming structures and increases their production in a sustainable farming system with enough inputs. To evaluate the effect of plant growth(More)