Maryam Ali Mohamadi

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A simple and sensitive label-free electrochemical DNA biosensor was proposed for the rapid determination of uric acid (UA) using a carbon nano tube paste electrode (CNTPE) modified with salmon sperm dsDNA. At first, the interaction between UA and the DNA was studied using differential pulse voltammetry (DPV). The addition of the DNA to UA solution resulted(More)
Melatonin is normally consumed to regulate the body's biological cycle. However it also has therapeutic properties, such as anti-tumor, anti-aging and protects the immune system. There are some reports on the presence of melatonin in edible kernels such as walnuts, but the extraction of melatonin from pistachio kernels is reported here for the first time.(More)
In this study, the interaction of three [1,2,3,4]tetrazolo[5,1-b]-quinazolin-8-one derivatives with salmon sperm DNA and BSA was investigated experimentally and theoretically. Fluorescence and absorption spectroscopy techniques were applied to determine the probable interaction mechanism and correlated binding constants and thermodynamic parameters. It was(More)
Oleuropein (Ole), naturally occurring phenolic compound found in olive products, is well known for its benefits for human health. In the present work, a simple, sensitive and rapid determination of Ole was achieved using a label-free electrochemical DNA biosensor. The application was related to the molecular interaction between Ole and double-stranded DNA(More)
Interaction of oleuropein, the major bio-phenol in olive leaf and fruit, with salmon sperm double-stranded DNA was investigated by employing electronic absorption titrations, fluorescence quenching spectroscopy, competitive fluorescence spectroscopy, thermal denaturation and voltammetric studies. Titration of oleuropein with the DNA caused a hypochromism(More)
Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction (DLLME) based on a task-specific ionic liquid (TSIL) was developed for the extraction and preconcentration of trace amounts of cadmium from aqueous samples, followed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry (FAAS) determination. In the proposed approach, cadmium ions are extracted from aqueous samples using small(More)
A mononuclear dioxido-uranium(IV) complex [UO2(L)(DMSO)2], was prepared from the reaction of (2-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzylidene)benzohydrazide [HL] with UO2(OAc)2·2H2O in DMSO. The obtained complex was fully characterized. Single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis of [UO2(L)(DMSO)2] revealed that U(VI) ion has been coordinated by ONO donor atoms of the(More)
BACKGROUND Right Ventricular (RV) dysfunction has been introduced as a predictor of mortality in acute myocardial infarction. OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate the effect of right coronary revascularization on systolic and diastolic RV dysfunction. PATIENTS AND METHODS This study was conducted on unstable angina patients who were candidate for(More)
This paper presents an easy, fast, low cost, and sensitive approach for the electrochemical determination of quercetin based on its intercalation into DNA double helix. Electrochemical studies of the interaction between quercetin and DNA showed a decrease in peak currents with a reduction in redox reversibility of quercetin in the presence of the DNA. The(More)
Here, task-specific ionic liquid solid-phase extraction is proposed for the first time. In this approach, a thiourea-functionalized ionic liquid is immobilized on the solid sorbent, multiwalled carbon nanotubes. These modified nanotubes packed into a solid-phase extraction column are used for the selective extraction and preconcentration of ultra-trace(More)