MaryEllen Cathcart

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This study was undertaken to examine the long term relationship between lung function, smoking and exposure to enzymes in the detergent industry. A total of 731 male workers from five locations in the United Kingdom were subject to respiratory health surveillance including lung function testing over a period of 4-20 years. Exposure groups were defined by(More)
Organizations are bringing disparate groups together to cut costs and integrate services. Ironically, they are finding the very people they look to for success are those who were used to working independently. At a breakout session of the Congress of Integrated Delivery Systems held in Dallas in March, 1997, participants were asked to share some of their(More)
This study defines current best practice for the health surveillance of workers who are potentially exposed to enzymes in the manufacture of enzymatic detergent products. It is recommended that health surveillance is performed 6-monthly for the first 2 years and annually thereafter. The health surveillance programme should include a respiratory(More)
In 1982 IARC published a monograph that included an evaluation of the carcinogenic risk to man of exposure to the following chlorinated toluenes: benzyl chloride (BYL), benzal chloride (BAL), benzotrichloride (BTC), and benzoyl chloride (BOL).' The evaluations may be summarised as follows. In experimental animals there was inadequate evidence for the(More)
This paper sheds new light on the left periphery of subjunctive clauses in Balkan languages by comparing the sentential complements to verbs in two groups: Romance versus Slavic Balkan. The tests indicate a systematic contrast in the organization of the complementizer field, with consequences for deeper cross-linguistic variation. The micro-parameter(More)
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