MaryAnn T Robak

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The highly enantioselective addition of thioacetic acid to nitroalkenes using a new sulfinyl urea organocatalyst is described. The addition of thioacetic acid proceeds in high yields and enantioselectivities for a variety of aromatic and aliphatic nitroalkene substrates. This new method is useful for preparing chiral 1,2-aminothiol derivatives, as(More)
10.2. Synthesis of Other -Amino Acid Derivatives 3676 10.2.1. Synthesis of -Amino Ketones 3676 10.2.2. Synthesis of -Amino Nitriles 3679 10.2.3. Synthesis of -Amino Phosphinates 3680 10.2.4. Synthesis of -Amino Sulfonates 3681 11. Synthesis of 1,2-Amino Alcohols 3681 11.1. 1,2-Addition to R-Alkoxy Imines 3681 11.2. 1,2-Addition of R-Substituted(More)
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