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Design of programs to run on computers with vector processing capability requires redevelopment of many longestablished programming techniques. These vector oriented solutions are not limited to those few computers with special vector hardware. Current experiments indicate that the performance of a “scalar” computer with a high speed instruction cache and(More)
The High Productivity Computing Systems (HPCS) program seeks a tenfold productivity increase in High Performance Computing (HPC). A change of this magnitude in software development and maintenance demands a transformation similar to other great leaps in industrial productivity. By analogy, this requires a dramatic change to the "infrastructure" and to the(More)
APL/B5500, as implemented by Computer Science students at the University of Washington, is designed to service eight remote model 33 teletypes on the B5500 while allowing background processing to proceed normally. The implementation uses reserved words for operators. The transliteration chosen (see attached page) omits several obvious characters,(More)
Computer applications in education are becoming more and more prevalent. Perhaps the most talked about use of computers in the schools is to control the educational material presented to students... the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) application. CAI requires that two problems be solved. Someone has to decide what material should be sent to a student,(More)
Machines that possess instructions that are actually “higher level” than high-level language statements require extensions to traditional programming language. This paper explores the kinds of extensions necessary for adequate access to the CDC STAR instruction set. Specific problem areas considered are: access to the vector instructions,(More)
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