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PURPOSE Current health literacy screening instruments for health care settings are either too long for routine use or available only in English. Our objective was to develop a quick and accurate screening test for limited literacy available in English and Spanish. METHODS We administered candidate items for the new instrument and also the Test of(More)
BACKGROUND Obesity and mental health disorders are 2 major public health problems in American adolescents, with prevalence even higher in Hispanic teens. Despite the rapidly increasing incidence and adverse health outcomes associated with overweight and mental health problems, very few intervention studies have been conducted with adolescents to improve(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To compare health-related quality of life (HR-QOL) across subgroups defined by sleep disturbances and ethnicity. METHODS Men (47%) and women (53%) Sleep Heart Health Study participants age 40 and older (N = 5237) underwent overnight polysomnography and completed self-report questionnaires on symptoms of sleep disturbances. The physical(More)
BACKGROUND Implementation of evidence-based practice (EBP) by health professionals is a key strategy for improving health care quality and patient outcomes as well as increasing professional role satisfaction. However, it is estimated that only a small percentage of nurses and other health care providers are consistently using this approach to clinical(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare 3 pressure-reduction devices for effectiveness in prevention of heel ulcers in moderate-risk to high-risk patients. DESIGN A prospective quasi-experimental 3-group design was used. SETTING AND SUBJECTS A sample of 338 "moderate-risk to high-risk" adult inpatients, ages 18 to 97, at 2 medical centers in South Texas were studied. (More)
This article provides an overview of the current state of the art for incorporating personal digital assistants (PDAs) into nursing education. The development of PDA technology and the lessons learned by educators integrating PDA technology into nursing curricula are described. The current cycle of PDA evolution is discussed and contrasted with a proposed(More)
The prevalence of overweight in adolescents with its associated outcomes continues to be a major public health concern. The purpose of this study was to assess whether adolescents perceived their weight accurately and to determine the relationships among perceived and actual weight, depression, anxiety, anger, disruptive behavior, and self-concept in(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS The causative relationship between obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) remains an area of controversy. The aim of the study is to further explore the relationship between OSA and GERD in a large group of patients with OSA. METHODS One hundred thirty-six patients referred for polysomnographic studies(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the beliefs and practices of emergency medicine program directors regarding interactions with the pharmaceutical industry. The authors also sought to study the prevalence of program policies and the desire for organizational policies. METHODS The Board of the Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) requested and(More)
PURPOSE/OBJECTIVES To investigate the feasibility of an exercise program patterned after a phase II cardiac rehabilitation program to improve selected physiologic and psychological parameters of health in patients with cancer. DESIGN Prospective, repeated measures study. SETTING Two major military medical centers in the southwestern United States. (More)