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Xylella fastidiosa, the causal agent of several scorch diseases, is associated with leaf scorch symptoms in Chitalpa tashkentensis, a common ornamental landscape plant used throughout the southwestern United States. For a number of years, many chitalpa trees in southern New Mexico and Arizona exhibited leaf scorch symptoms, and the results from a regional(More)
Labyrinthuloid organisms are thought almost exclusively to be only associated with marine environments. However in 1995, a disease of turfgrass suddenly appeared that was eventually determined to be caused by a new Labyrinthula species (Labyrinthula terrestris). The disease is primarily thought to be caused by the use of elevated salinity irrigation water,(More)
A Beltsville Small White turkey poult of parthenogenetic origin hatched in the spring of 1958, matured, and produced semen containing viable spermatozoa. Semen from this male was used in January 1959 to inseminate seven virgin and seven previously mated Beltsville Small White turkey hens. Three hundred and twenty eggs were incubated, of which 175 or 54.7(More)