Mary W. Olsen

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Infection of cattle with Neospora caninum may result in abortion or the birth of a congenitally infected calf. Vaccination with live N. caninum protects against experimental infection of cattle and mice, and the naturally attenuated Nc-Nowra strain of N. caninum is of particular interest as a potential vaccine candidate. Vaccination of heifers prior to(More)
Labyrinthuloid organisms are thought almost exclusively to be only associated with marine environments. However in 1995, a disease of turfgrass suddenly appeared that was eventually determined to be caused by a new Labyrinthula species (Labyrinthula terrestris). The disease is primarily thought to be caused by the use of elevated salinity irrigation water,(More)
Xylella fastidiosa, the causal agent of several scorch diseases, is associated with leaf scorch symptoms in Chitalpa tashkentensis, a common ornamental landscape plant used throughout the southwestern United States. For a number of years, many chitalpa trees in southern New Mexico and Arizona exhibited leaf scorch symptoms, and the results from a regional(More)
We sought to gain an empirical and practical understanding of the barriers experienced by residents of the Mississippi River Delta in Arkansas to using the free, proactive telephone counseling (quitline) for tobacco dependence. Barriers included a lack of appropriate telephone service, lack of knowledge about the quitline, and lack of trust in the(More)