Mary Toney

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Advanced materials are building-and infrastructure-related materials that exhibit high-performance attributes but have not reached widespread application in the commercial marketplace. On the cover: The challenge facing researchers will be to develop advanced materials that will protect buildings from natural and manmade disasters while allowing designers(More)
This research examines the role of social and economic factors in the past selection of destinations made by migrants living in Rhode Island. Results indicate that social ties play a more important role in the selection of destinations with low levels of opportunity than they do in the movement to high opportunity areas. An important aspect of the study was(More)
Migrants and nonmigrants are often alleged to differ on numerous psychological traits; little empirical analysis, however, has examined this possibility. This study examined the hypothesis that geographic mobility is associated with locus of control, a key dimension of the self-concept. No relationships between these variables were uncovered for a national(More)
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