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Gametogenesis is a complex process subject to strict controls at both levels of transcription and translation. Members of a family of conserved RNA-binding proteins encoded by the DAZ genes are required for the translational regulation of gene expression essential for this process. Although loss of DAZ family genes is associated with infertility in several(More)
Retrotransposons are highly prevalent in mammalian genomes due to their ability to amplify in pluripotent cells or developing germ cells. Host mechanisms that silence retrotransposons in germ cells and pluripotent cells are important for limiting the accumulation of the repetitive elements in the genome during evolution. However, although silencing of(More)
Synapsis is the process by which paired chromosome homologues closely associate in meiosis before crossover. In the synaptonemal complex (SC), axial elements of each homologue connect through molecules of SYCP1 to the central element, which contains the proteins SYCE1 and -2. We have derived mice lacking SYCE2 protein, producing males and females in which(More)
  • Ewelina Bolcun-Filas, Robert Speed, Mary Taggart, Corinne Grey, Bernard de Massy, Ricardo Benavente +1 other
  • 2009
In mammals, the synaptonemal complex is a structure required to complete crossover recombination. Although suggested by cytological work, in vivo links between the structural proteins of the synaptonemal complex and the proteins of the recombination process have not previously been made. The central element of the synaptonemal complex is traversed by DNA at(More)
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