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In the past several years many organizations have initiated enterprise-wide information management systems projects, using such packages as SAP, Peoplesoft, and Oracle. These projects often represent the single largest investment in an information systems project in the history of these companies, and in many cases the largest single investment in any(More)
The purpose of this research is to explore whether enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems can provide an organization with a sustained competitive advantage. Using the VRIO framework of the resource-based model of competitive advantage, four questions are posed to consider this issue. Is the ERP system valuable? Is the ERP system a resource that is(More)
This research addresses the impact of gender differences upon the career experiences of information systems professionals, including:&lt;ol&gt;<li>What is the impact of gender differences on the turnover behavior of information systems professionals?</li><li>What are gender differences in job satisfaction, in both current and previous(More)
The management of information technology (IT) personnel poses unique challenges, but managers may be able to provide IT professionals with appropriate opportunities and career paths by matching individual expectations with job characteristics. This study is designed to identify the career anchors possessed by current IT personnel and to identify which(More)
This chapter contrasts attitudes and attributes of current and former positions of IT professionals who have changed jobs within the IT field. It also examines relationships among key variables of tasks performed, salary, job satisfaction, and external influences or “shocks” that may have precipitated turnover. Survey data were collected from 169 MIS(More)
MIS programs are facing significant challenges: employment opportunities for graduates are greatly expanding, the number of enrolled students is dropping, and graduates face rapid changes in technologies and business environments. This paper describes results from a pilot survey that provides a glimpse into perceived differences between what MIS graduates(More)