Mary Sharp

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This literature review focuses on the educational benefits afforded to learners by Technology Enhanced Learning Environments (TELE) which adapt and personalize the learning experience. More specifically it focuses on Adaptive Educational Hypermedia Systems (AEHS) that incorporate Learning Styles. Adaptive approaches to learning offer alternatives to the(More)
A current problem with the research of adaptive systems is the inconsistency of evaluation applied to the adaptive systems. However, evaluating an adaptive system is a difficult task due to the complexity of such systems. Evaluators need to ensure correct evaluation methods and measurement metrics are used. This paper reviews a variety of evaluation(More)
Class Model: describes the structure of objects in a system, their identity, their relationships to other objects, their attributes and their operations. Our goal in constructing a class model is to capture those concepts from the real world that are important to an application. In modeling an engineering problem, the class model should contain terms(More)
The evaluation of interactive adaptive and personalised systems has long been acknowledged as a difficult, complicated and very demanding Endeavour due to the complex nature of these systems. This paper describes a web-based framework for the evaluation of end-user experience in adaptive and personalised e-Learning systems. The benefits of the framework(More)
Web crawlers are a significant component in Web search engines. This paper describes a distributed, Web-based system consisting of 3 layers: presentation, business logic and data persistence. The educational benefit of this system is in the provision of an interactive reference tool to encourage the evaluation of systems that fulfill certain methodological(More)
The foundation for this project was originated after a discussion with the owner and founder of the hook hockey, a website devoted to Leinster and Irish field hockey which aims to publish news content covering all areas of the game from International to schools level. The hook hockey originally founded as a blog in 2007 was the first comprehensive reporting(More)
The challenges for academics in meeting the learning requirements of students are many and varied. This research focuses on the concept of personalised learning, where activities are specifically selected to suit the learning requirements of individual students. The creation of personalised learning activities to suit every student's learning needs, are not(More)