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Acknowledgements We are indebted to too many people to list here for enlightening discussions of topics addressed in this paper. We would like to acknowledge with regard to issues in language assessment, and, for their comments on an earlier draft, the editor Mark Wilson and two anonymous referees. Abstract In educational assessment, we observe what(More)
Regulation of cytoskeletal structure and dynamics is essential for multiple aspects of cellular behavior, yet there is much to learn about the molecular machinery underlying the coordination between the cytoskeleton and its effector systems. One group of proteins that regulate microtubule behavior and its interaction with other cellular components, such as(More)
59 Professional diatonic harmonica players are able to play half-step notes which are not in the standard frequency settings using bending techniques. By changing the shape of the vocal tract, the timbre of the sound changes and the notes bend. This way, players are able to play a full chromatic scale by using altered notes. This paper tries to explain the(More)
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