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Abstract There is a paucity of information available about the distribution of bats in the southeastern United States. Golley (1966) recorded the distribution and gave a brief summary of the naturalExpand
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Use and Selection of Bridges as Day Roosts by Rafinesque's Big-Eared Bats
ABSTRACT Rafinesque's big-eared bats (Corynorhinus rafinesquii) use bridges as day roosts in parts of their range, but information on bridge use across their range is lacking. From May to Aug. 2002Expand
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Women living with disabilities and their experiences and issues related to the context and complexities of leaving abusive situations
The health of women with disabilities, like other women, is affected by experiences of violence and abuse. However, the experiences of women living with disabilities is less well known and anExpand
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“People like us”: spatialised notions of health, stigma, power and subjectivity among women in street sex work
Abstract Most spatially-oriented studies about health, safety and service provision among women in street sex work have taken place in large urban cities and document how the socio-legal and moralExpand
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Posthuman Ethics and the Becoming Animal of Emmanuel Levinas
Abstract This essay considers Levinas' face-to-face ethical relation together with Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's concept of ‘becoming animal’ as a response to the radical dehumanisationExpand
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Woodland Jumping Mouse
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Identity in question
of sociolinguistics as a whole. This raises an issue about the notion and importance of space in sociolinguistics. While the handbook’s division into chapters suggests a geographic definition, spaceExpand
The unbecoming subject of sex: Performativity, interpellation, and the politics of queer theory
This paper elaborates a theory of ‘unbecoming’ to explore how a queering of the subject might transform oppressive social conditions. In this analysis of the subject’s deconstructive relation to theExpand
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Julia Kristeva, Disability, and the Singularity of Vulnerability
Positioning disability justice as a force that shapes the broader political imaginary, this article assesses the usefulness of Julia Kristeva's disability theory for disability justice movements.Expand
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Carolina red-backed vole