Mary S Cochran

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An extract of rat brain protein kinase C was fully activated at a total calcium concentration 3 x 10(-4) mol/l (Ca2+ 10(-4) mol/l) in the presence of non-limiting concentrations of phosphatidylserine. Available aluminium (ionised plus soluble hydrolysed) at a median value of 2 x 10(-8) mol/l inhibited enzyme activation by 90% at this non-limiting calcium(More)
Human transferrin is shown to bind 2 mol of aluminium per mol of protein using spectrophotometric titration. Competitive equilibrium between aluminium and ferric ions for transferrin binding sites is observed, and a value of 2.5 (+/- 0.4) X 10(15) M-1 is found for the apparent binding constant under physiological conditions.
To execute a strategy for reconstituting genetic resources from cryopreserved blastodermal cells, experiments were conducted to optimize conditions for producing chimeric chickens from frozen-thawed blastodermal cells. Stage X blastodermal cells were collected from Barred Plymouth Rock embryos and dispersed. Cells were resuspended in 10% dimethyl sulfoxide(More)
Intravenous phenytoin has come under increased scrutiny with the introduction of the prodrug, fosphenytoin. We evaluated adverse events and length-of-stay using parenteral the two drugs in routine emergency department use. Open-label randomization of phenytoin or fosphenytoin in 256 Emergency Department patients prescribed 279 parenteral doses of a(More)
We have investigated mouse and rat ganglionic Schwann cells as possible sources of neurite outgrowth-promoting factors by co-culturing Schwann cells with nerve growth factor (NGF)-responsive PC12 pheochromocytoma cells primed by pretreatment with NGF. NGF-primed PC12 cells are capable of neurite regeneration when provided with an appropriate neurite(More)
Gel filtration of plasma from hemodialysis patients, with use of reagents and apparatus with carefully minimized background Al concentrations, reproducibly showed a single peak for Al, corresponding exactly to the elution position of transferrin. The Al/transferrin molar ratio in adjacent fractions was constant (mean 0.126, SE 0.006) in replicate(More)
Horse-spleen ferritin was found to bind Al systematically following gel filtration in buffered Al citrate 30 microM, and up to molar ratio 98 when incubated at 37 degrees C with Al citrate, buffered to pH 7.4. Pre-incubation with 3 concentrations of neutral sodium phosphate (0.1, 1.0, 10.0 mM) had no significant effect on binding. Apotransferrin interaction(More)
Organotypic dorsal root ganglion (DRG) cultures were established from all the embryos of two trembler (Tr/+) female mice mated to normal (+/+) males to determine if the trembler mutation would be expressed in nerve tissue culture. Dorsal root ganglia from normal mice maintained in our culture system exhibit substantial myelination after 6 weeks of growth.(More)