Mary Rose Gasner

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BACKGROUND AND METHODS After an increase in the number of cases of tuberculosis, New York City passed regulations to address the problem of nonadherence to treatment regimens. The commissioner of health can issue orders compelling a person to be examined for tuberculosis, to complete treatment, to receive treatment under direct observation, or to be(More)
Ahronheim, a physician, and Gasner, an attorney with the Society for the Right to Die, object to the use of the word "starvation" in the debate over withholding or withdrawing artificial feeding from certain classes of patients. They reject the images conjured up as irrelevant to discussions of feeding patients who are hopelessly ill. They cite evidence(More)
  • M R Gasner
  • 1990
Two recent court cases, Cruzan v Harmon and In the Matter of O'Connor, denied family requests to withhold or withdraw life-sustaining treatment. The facts of the cases are discussed, as well as the impact on medical practice for physicians in Missouri and New York. Approaches of other state courts are pointed out. While critical of the judicial reasoning in(More)
Small businesses need to engage in continuity planning to assure delivery of goods and services and to sustain the economy during an influenza pandemic. This is especially true in New York City, where 98 per cent of businesses have fewer than 100 employees. It was an objective therefore, to determine pandemic influenza business continuity practices and(More)
Integration of public health surveillance data within health departments is important for public health activities and cost-efficient coordination of care. Access to and use of surveillance data are governed by public health law and by agency confidentiality and security policies. In New York City, we examined public health laws and agency policies for data(More)
OBJECTIVE To discuss the relative merits and limitations of living wills and the durable power of attorney for health care. DATA SOURCES Computerized search of MEDLINE. STUDY SELECTION Studies involving treatment decisions at the end of life and descriptive articles on advance directives. RESULTS The recent Cruzan case and passage of the Patient(More)