Mary Radford

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Sural nerve injury is a complication of Achilles Tendon (TA) rupture. We dissected 30 cadaveric lower limbs to describe the course of the sural nerve in relation to the TA. At the level of insertion of the TA into the calcaneum, the sural nerve was a mean 18.8 mm from the lateral border of the TA. The proximal course of the nerve was towards the midline(More)
The prevailing view of the law of succession is that it is based on blood relationship, and subjective considerations are irrelevant. This perception of a one-dimensional approach is not historically accurate. From the beginning, behavior influenced the distribution of property, albeit at a secondary level. Two nineteenth-century developments in American(More)
It has been proposed that body movements are partly controlled by a neural hierarchy, with cells at successively higher levels controlling increasing numbers of muscles engaged in functionally equivalent responses. In addition to physiological support for the hypothesis, obtained from infrahuman species, evidence from human subjects has been obtained in the(More)
Responsive gels formed by the spontaneous self-assembly of peptides into polymeric beta-sheet tapes.dependence of secondary structure formation. Int. properties of synthetic amyloid β-peptides of Alzheimer's disease. direct fitting of the concentration profiles. Biophys. and solubility studies of the amyloid β protein of Alzheimer's disease. In: Peptides.(More)
In an attempt to decrease the risk of second malignancies and future infertility in children with Hodgkin's disease (HD) while retaining acceptable remission rates, an anthracycline based regimen containing no alkylating agent has been devised. VEEP contains vincristine, epirubicin, etoposide and prednisolone given at 3 weekly intervals. Forty-four(More)
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