Mary R. Phillips

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This paper explores how hypnotic principles can be systematically incorporated into the standard EMDR protocol to enhance various ego strength capacities during EMDR treatment. Expanding these skill areas can widen the therapeutic window of possibility for clients with a variety of complex clinical issues, including posttraumatic, dissociative or(More)
Broadband analog transport facilities using fiber or fiberkoax cable can play a significant role in the evolution of the network infrastructure for personal communications services (PCS's). Low-power PCS systems require a dense grid of radio ports to provide connectivity to the telephone network. Analog transport has a number of important advantages over(More)
The experiments with visible light or 0.85 [L light on coupled waveguides and waveguide interferometers fabricated in LiNbO 3 are plagued by the photorefractive effect, in particular if optical nonlinearities in these waveguides are used intentionally, as in the all-optical waveguide modulator.' In her experiments on optical waveguide interferometers, A.(More)
Traditionally, Ego-state Therapy has been conducted with parts of the personality that have been activated hypnotically and that present themselves for verbal interaction. This paper presents two cases in which ego states communicate through symbolic and sensory signals at significant points in therapy. Recognition of the meaning and usefulness of these(More)
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