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The Dysphagia Outcome and Severity Scale
Abstract. The Dysphagia Outcome and Severity Scale (DOSS) is a simple, easy-to-use, 7-point scale developed to systematically rate the functional severity of dysphagia based on objective assessmentExpand
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Executive function ability in persons with aphasia
Background: There is an increasing recognition that the communication problems one observes in persons with aphasia extend beyond verbal deficits and that the myriad of symptoms observed are notExpand
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Educating and training caregivers of persons with aphasia
Background: Because communication deficits caused by aphasia affect both persons with aphasia and their communication partners, most speech-language pathologists are aware of the importance of clientExpand
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Prediction of strategy usage by adults with aphasia
Background: Management of aphasia often focuses on training augmentative communication strategies such as communication books, computerised systems, gestures, writing, or drawing. Although manyExpand
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Intensive multimodal communication treatment for people with chronic aphasia
Background: Clinicians often teach persons with aphasia (PWA) non-verbal strategies to compensate for reduced verbal communication. The manner in which they teach the strategies may have an impact onExpand
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Factors Influencing AAC Usage by Individuals With Aphasia
Abstract Instructing individuals with aphasia in the usage of AAC strategies and devices is a challenging endeavor. Not only does this population present with a wide range of linguistic impairments...
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Aphasia, Alexia, and Agraphia
Aphasia is a general language disorder resulting from brain damage, and alexia and agraphia are specific impairments in reading and writing, respectively. This article describes the symptomsExpand
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Multimodal Communication Training in Aphasia: A Pilot Study.
Management of patients with aph asia often focuses on training nonverbal augmentative communication strategies; however, these strategies frequently do not generalize to natural situations. TheExpand
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Reading comprehension treatment in aphasia: a systematic review
ABSTRACT Background: Reading difficulties often present as a consequence of aphasia. The specific nature of reading deficits varies widely in manifestation, and the cause of these deficits may be theExpand
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