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BACKGROUND Depression in old age is an important public health problem causing considerable morbidity and disability worldwide. There is a dearth of community studies from India investigating geriatric depression and its associated risk factors. This study aimed to establish the nature, prevalence and factors associated with geriatric depression in a rural(More)
A ten-item screening questionnaire was constructed from previous reports on risk factors for postnatal depression, and its ability to predict antenatally the development of postnatal depression was tested. Women attending an antenatal clinic at 36 wk gestation completed the questionnaire and, at 8 wk postpartum, were assessed for the presence of depression(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to measure microbicide acceptability among high-risk women in Hartford, Connecticut, and contextual factors likely to affect acceptability and use. GOAL The goal of this study was to assess usefulness of microbicides for HIV/sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention for high-risk women. STUDY(More)
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