Mary Pickford

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In dark-reared albino rats, exposure to 2 or 3 hr of intense light interrupted by 2 hr dark periods resulted in extensive degeneration of photoreceptor cells and degeneration of the retinal pigment epithelium (RPE). Ascorbate (ie, vitamin C) administration prior to light exposure protected photoreceptors and the RPE from light damage. In the present study,(More)
Visible light-induced photoreceptor cell damage resulting from exposure to multiple intermittent light-dark periods was compared with damage resulting from continuous light in albino rats maintained in a weak cyclic-light environment or in darkness before light treatment. The time course of retinal damage was determined by correlative measurements of(More)
The effects of MPTP on the retina have been examined with emphasis on the effects that are apparent within a few hours of administration. Histopathologic changes were found within one day after MPTP administration. These changes were most prominent in the Muller cells, which demonstrated edematous changes in the cellular processes and occasionally pyknotic(More)
If Canadians have demonstrated any extraordinary capacity to contribute to modern culture, our singular gift is arguably best found in the domain of social communication-its practice in the popular arts and entertainment, its facilitation by means of technological innovation and its interpretation by philosophers and commentators especially concerned with(More)
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