Mary Persson

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The purpose of this study was to investigate whether there are differences in gait parameters between true walker users and potential walker users during ambulation. Subjects consisted of 18 rolling walker (RW) users (true user group, TUG) and 15 RW non-users (potential user group, PUG). The older adults in the PUG had a history of at least one fall in the(More)
We address the use of the tight-binding and effective mass approximations (TB and EMA) for the calculation of transport properties in silicon nanowires (SiNWs). Three different transport scenarios are considered within a non-equilibrium Green's function approach: ballistic transport, tunneling under a potential barrier, and transport through a potential(More)
We discuss impurity- and phonon-limited electron mobilities in (110)-oriented silicon nanowires. We show that (1) boron acceptors behave as tunnel barriers for the electrons, while phosphorous donors behave as quantum wells giving rise to Fano resonances in the transmission; (2) As a consequence, the room-temperature mobility is typically much larger in(More)
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