Mary Osbakken

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Magnetic resonance imaging was used to evaluate the cerebral white matter of three subject groups: (1) 22 patients with known multiple sclerosis (MS) (11 with disease of shorter duration (0-5 years) and 11 with disease of longer duration (greater than 5 years]; (2) 9 patients with suspected MS; and (3) 12 normal volunteers. Transverse spin-echo (SE) 30/500(More)
Endoscopic procedures performed in the United States routinely involve the use of conscious sedation as standard of care. The use of sedation reduces patient discomfort and anxiety while improving the technical quality of the procedure, and as a result, over 98% of clinicians have adopted the practice. The tremendous benefits of sedation are offset by(More)
The standard-of-care guidelines published by the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) recommend monitoring of pulse oximetry, blood pressure, heart rate, and end tidal CO2 during the use of anesthesia and sedation. This information can help to identify adverse events that may occur during procedures. However, these parameters are not specific to the(More)
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