Mary Moschovi

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PURPOSE A balanced chromosomal translocation, t(15;19), resulting in the BRD4-NUT oncogene, has been identified in a lethal carcinoma of young people, a disease described primarily in case reports. We sought to amass a more definitive series of tumors with NUT and/or BRD4 gene rearrangements and to determine distinct clinicopathologic features. PATIENTS(More)
BACKGROUND We set out to determine the epidemiology of pediatric brain tumors in a single Greek institute. METHODS We reviewed all cases of brain tumors in children, under the age of 15 years, that were treated surgically in the Neurosurgical Department of Children's Hospital "Agia Sofia", between January 1991 and December 2008. RESULTS From January(More)
BACKGROUND Despite the putative intrauterine origins of childhood (0-14 years) leukaemia, it is complex to assess the impact of perinatal factors on disease onset. Results on the association of maternal history of fetal loss (miscarriage/stillbirth) with specific disease subtypes in the subsequent offspring are in conflict. We sought to investigate whether(More)
BACKGROUND Monitoring time trends in the incidence of childhood leukaemias and lymphomas requires efficient and continuous data collecting systems. In countries without official cancer registries, such as Greece, ad hoc nationwide registration of incident childhood leukaemias and lymphomas could help elucidate the underlying aetiology and monitor(More)
BACKGROUND Intraabdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumors (IDSRCT) are rare in children and predominantly affect male adolescents and young adults. We present our experience in the management of five children with diffuse IDSRCT, managed with aggressive chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation. MATERIAL AND(More)
Results from epidemiological studies exploring the association between childhood lymphoma and maternal smoking during pregnancy have been contradictory. This meta-analysis included all published cohort (n = 2) and case-control (n = 10) articles; among the latter, the data of the Greek Nationwide Registry for Childhood Hematological Malignancies study were(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of this paper is to present the first case of gingival overgrowth, premature root resorption, and alveolar bone loss, which preceded the diagnosis of a stage IVB Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) in a 9-year-old boy. METHODS The child presented complaining of gingival pain which first appeared 3 months prior. Clinical examination revealed(More)