Mary Morreale

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BACKGROUND Recent preclinical and clinical studies have shown that the gamma-aminobutyric acid-B agonist baclofen may be an effective treatment for reducing alcohol consumption. This preliminary open-label investigation examined the tolerability and effect of a 30-mg daily baclofen dose for reducing drinking, subclinical anxiety and depressive symptoms, and(More)
To the Editor: Healthcare workers providing care for patients surviving significant trauma have been shown to experience symptoms of secondary traumatic stress (STS), described in the literature as “the natural, consequent behaviors and emotions resulting from knowledge about a traumatizing event in others” [1–3]. Like acute and post-traumatic stress(More)
OBJECTIVE This report discusses psychiatric residents' perceptions of sexual health education and their opinions regarding curricular improvements. METHODS An anonymous, web-based survey was sent to residents in one general psychiatry program (N=33). The response rate was 69.7%. RESULTS Residents reported inadequate experience in multiple areas of(More)
  • Mary Morreale
  • Academic psychiatry : the journal of the American…
  • 2017
As a medical student educator content with my current leadership role, I was a bit reticent when tasked to read Learning to Lead in the Academic Medical Center: A Practical Guide for the purpose of this review. If I have no plans to ascend the academic hierarchy any further, is there anything else I need to learn about leadership? Surprisingly, this volume(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aims to determine how residents are being educated regarding sexual health, and it assesses attitudes toward sexual education and barriers to evaluating patients' sexuality. METHODS An anonymous Internet survey was sent to 195 residents in family practice, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry at a single site.(More)
A 1999 poll of 500 American adults ages 25 years or older (1) revealed that 71% of respondents were concerned that their doctor would dismiss discussions related to issues of sexual problems and would say that the problems were “just in their head.” In addition, 68% were concerned that their doctor would be uncomfortable talking about the problem because it(More)
In natural cycles of attempted conception, stress has been shown to predict lower conception rates. The objective of this article is to determine whether stress affects the outcome of assisted reproductive technology (ART) as well. In addition, this article analyzes the effect that psychosocial interventions targeting the reduction of stress have on ART(More)