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BACKGROUND Impaired fear inhibition has been described as a hallmark of pathological anxiety. We aimed at further characterizing the relation between fear inhibition and anxiety by extending previous work to contextual safety stimuli as well as to dimensional scores of trait anxiety in a large sample. METHODS We employed a validated paradigm for(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the extent to which women received contraceptive services within 90 days after birth at their first or subsequent visits and whether contraceptive provision was associated with optimal interpregnancy intervals. METHOD We linked California's 2008 Birth Statistical Master File with Medicaid databases to build a cohort of women aged 15-44(More)
The efficacy of current treatments for anxiety disorders is limited by high relapse rates. Relapse of anxiety disorders and addiction can be triggered by exposure to life adversity, but the underlying mechanisms remain unexplored. Seventy-six healthy adults were a priori selected for the presence or absence of adverse experiences during childhood (CA) and(More)
BACKGROUND This article presents the extent to which providers enrolled in California's Family Planning, Access, Care, and Treatment (Family PACT) program offer contraceptive methods onsite, thus eliminating one important access barrier. Family PACT has a diverse provider network, including public-sector providers receiving Title X funding, public-sector(More)
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