Mary M. Patterson

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The effects of hippocampal ablation on acquisition rates and temporal characteristics of classically conditioned nictitating membrane responses were examined in groups of rabbits trained with a 150-, 300-, or 600-ms interstimulus interval. Acquisition rates were accelerated in the 150- and 600-ms groups. No effect was present in the 300-ms group. Response(More)
Instillation of sodium hyaluronate into the anterior chambers of enucleated human eyes caused a 65% decrease in outflow facility (from 0.33 +/- 0.16 microliters/min/mm Hg to 0.08 +/- 0.02 microliters/min/mm Hg). Vigorous anterior chamber irrigation, performed either immediately or three hours after introduction of the sodium hyaluronate, failed to relieve(More)
The effects of fimbrial and cortical lesions on sensory preconditioning in the rabbit were examined. Damage to the cortex or the fimbria had no apparent effect on the acquisition of classically conditioned responses. However, fimbrial lesions virtually abolished the effects of preconditioning, whereas cortical lesions had no significant effect. Because(More)
The effects of dorsal hippocampal lesions on retention of classical trace conditioned responses were examined using the rabbit nictitating membrane preparation. Animals were trained to criteria and then lesioned either in the cortex or in the hippocampus and the cortex. Hippocampal damage had no effect on the retention of responses but produced(More)
Pigment particles (1 X 10(6)/microliters) isolated from the iris and ciliary body of enucleated cynomolgus monkey eyes were infused into the anterior chamber of seven living cynomolgus monkeys and aqueous humor outflow facility determined by the two-step constant-pressure perfusion technique. Outflow facility acutely decreased 64% in the experimental(More)
The role of the hippocampus in the association of two conditional stimuli was evaluated using the conditioned rabbit NM preparation and a sensory preconditioning paradigm. Multiple-unit activity was recorded from field CA1 during preconditioning. Paired presentations of CS1 and CS2 resulted in increased excitability which was highly correlated with later(More)
The effects of amphetamine injection, hippocampal lesions, and cortical lesions were examined during classical conditioning of the rabbit nictitating membrane response. An optimal interstimulus interval was employed. Whereas neocortical and hippocampal damage had no significant effect on the rate of acquisition, amphetamine treatment produced a marked(More)
A novel helicobacter with the proposed name Helicobacter aurati (type strain MIT 97-5075c) has been isolated from the inflamed stomachs and ceca of adult Syrian hamsters. The new species is fusiform with multiple bipolar sheathed flagella and periplasmic fibers; it contains urease and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase. By 16S rRNA sequencing and repetitive(More)