Mary M. Austin-Seymour

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The success of radiation therapy depends critically on accurately delineating the target volume, which is the region of known or suspected disease in a patient. Methods that can compute a contour set defining a target volume on a set of patient images will contribute greatly to the success of radiation therapy and dramatically reduce the workload of(More)
Prediction of microscopic spread of tumor cells is becoming critically important in the decision making process in planning radiation therapy for cancer. Until recently, radiation treatment of head and neck cancer has been conservative, treating large regions to insure eradication of disease. However, if it is known that regional spread is confined, a more(More)
We report on experience and insights gained from prototyping, for clinical radiation oncologists, a new access tool for the University of Washington Digital Anatomist information resources. This access tool is designed to integrate with a radiation therapy planning (RTP) system in use in a clinical setting. We hypothesize that the needs of practitioners in(More)
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