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New Adenovirus Species Found in a Patient Presenting with Gastroenteritis
ABSTRACT An unidentified agent was cultured in primary monkey cells at the Los Angeles County Public Health Department from each of five stool specimens submitted from an outbreak of gastroenteritis.Expand
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New Adenovirus Species Found in Patient Presenting with
A method and system of frequency multiplying a signal having amplitude modulation using a frequency multiplier operated at a bias voltage that is less than its saturation mode voltage is described.Expand
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Rapid detection of enterotoxigenic clostridium perfringens by real-time fluorescence resonance energy transfer PCR.
Clostridium perfringens is one of the etiologic agents of gas gangrene that can occur when a wound is contaminated with soil. Type A C. perfringens can cause foodborne and nonfoodborneExpand
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