Mary Lynn Tilkins

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Lipofectamine 2000 is a cationic liposome based reagent that provides high transfection efficiency and high levels of transgene expression in a range of mammalian cell types in vitro using a simple protocol. Optimum transfection efficiency and subsequent cell viability depend on a number of experimental variables such as cell density, liposome and DNA(More)
The transfection of post-mitotic cells, including primary cortical and hippocampal neurons, has proven for the most part to be inefficient. Methods such as DNA/Ca++ phosphate co-precipitation, electroporation, cationic lipids and micro-injection are often toxic to the cell and rarely give a transfection efficiency exceeding 3% of the surviving culture.(More)
Defined pluripotent stem cell culture media is a valuable tool for tracking and analyzing morphological, cell signaling and gene expression changes in human embryonic stem cells. Cultivation of hESC under xeno-free culture settings provides researchers with a consistent and reproducible environment to test experimental hypotheses and move towards(More)
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