Mary Louise Meadows

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Lawton, Parker, Stradling & Manstead (1997) examined the relationship between mild social deviance (West, Elander & French, 1993 a), driving violations and road traffic accident involvement in a sample of 830 drivers. The relationship between mild social deviance and accident involvement was shown to be partly mediated by propensity to commit driving(More)
There is increasing interest in the potential for metabolic profiling to evaluate the progression of pulmonary hypertension (PH). However, a detailed analysis of the metabolic changes in lungs at the early stage of PH, characterized by increased pulmonary artery pressure but prior to the development of right ventricle hypertrophy and failure, is lacking in(More)
Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) derived from the outer membrane of gram-negative bacteria induces acute lung injury (ALI) in mice. This injury is associated with lung edema, inflammation, diffuse alveolar damage, and severe respiratory insufficiency. We have previously reported that LPS-mediated nitric oxide synthase (NOS) uncoupling, through increases in(More)
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