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The voltage gated sodium channel comprises a pore-forming alpha subunit and regulatory beta subunits. We report here the identification and characterization of a novel splicing variant of the human beta1 subunit, termed beta1B. The 807 bp open reading frame of the human beta1Beta subunit encodes a 268 residue protein with a calculated molecular mass of 30.4(More)
Cycloheximide and acetoxy-cycloheximide specifically inhibit protein synthesis in L-cells growing in suspension culture. In extracts of rat liver, the drugs inhibit transfer of amino acid from soluble RNA to polypeptide. Unlike puromycin, these drugs do not accelerate release of nascent polypeptide chains. The drugs have no effect on protein synthesis in(More)
Mammalian cells of different species differ in sensitivity to ouabain. This sensitivity is expressed as reduced intracellular K+ content, reduced rates of protein synthesis, and cessation of cell multiplication. Using 86Rb+ as a measure of intracellular K+, we found higher levels of radioactivity in mixtures of ouabain-sensitive and -resistant cells(More)