Mary Lou Jepsen

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A 3-D holographic video system is described. The work on the system to date is detailed. Emphasis is placed on the efforts of the past academic year (1988-89). These efforts were focused around improving the quality of the output medium, commonly referred to as the holographic television set. Acknowledgments Without the following people this document would(More)
We take displays for granted in devices like our laptops, television, cell phones, and cars -to name a few places. The TFT LCD processes in use now are as mature as CMOS was 20 years ago, which is when we started seeing ASIC companies doing fabless chip design and investing heavily in CAD. Today, the display, as I believe I showed while working on the OLPC,(More)
We must begin to create on the same scale as we can destroy, or else art, and more dangerously the human spirit and imagination, will be rendered decorative and impotent. The panel is made up of artists who create large-scale works using technology. We discuss the future of artistic techniques which incorporate technology, in order to extend the(More)
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